Wild and Wonderful Well-being



Funded by The National Lottery, this promises to be an epic and life changing experience. The aim is to allow for you to reach your full potential, let go of old pain and patterns, manifest the life you deserve and connect with others sharing the same dreams of recovery. Whatever is making you stuck in your life, can be changed in 7 weeks. The programme uses a mixture of therapeutic interventions and a 2 day residential connecting the power of nature with self belief

To participate, you must be available for a 2 day residential, adventure therapy retreat and be willing to share your story with others.

The programme is scheduled to begin in March 2021 and this will be updated with more accurate details depending upon the Covid-19 situation. Contact us for more information and eligibility criteria

Coronavirus Response -online support

Thanks to the invaluable support from both the National Lottery and Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, we were able to facilitate two life changing projects which made an enormous difference to the lives of individuals in our community. These projects still ripple positive change into the hearts of our families and children.

With thanks to Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, we were able to move our personal change programs on line, for women in the community, who had suffered domestic abuse and/or had experienced addiction, and to operate a telephone line of crisis intervention, listening ear and a community chat program. During the first lockdown, this was invaluable and the project saved lives of those in our community who were at risk of suicide and self harm.

With thanks to The National Lottery, we were then able to extend this provision, and also facilitated online support groups and successful change and intervention sessions,  which once again helped reduce participant anxiety, worry, isolation, stress and helped them increase feelings of connectivity, confidence, trust and self esteem.

We continue to work in partnership with organisations who refer community members to us, and one of our online projects has self sustained itself and runs every Saturday morning for women with a history of abuse.