At Higher Effect CIC, we facilitate an alternative wellbeing provision, which is curious, fun, and can help sooth us on our journey of life.

Via one to one, or group experiences, we can enjoy increases in self confidence, purpose, value, power, and increased awareness of self, identity and connection.

We are proud to be training Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Coaches, in Eye Movements for Change, right into 2024 and beyond, the results and feedback are amazing, and the ripples, are vast. Watch this space for more.

Higher Effect provides a model of personalised exploration, change, intervention and support, which is bespoke, safe, solutions focused and flexible, with an emphasis on ensuring equality, fairness, customer satisfaction and measured effectiveness.

Who we Connect with



In our experiences we need fun, care, adventure, development and strengthening. If we forget to tend to all aspects of ourselves, our lives can stagnate, our curiosity will decay like teeth, and we will require more intervention in the future. Whether you want to have fun exploring reality, improve your overall wellbeing, find freedom from pain, or reduce your emotional distress…
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If your waiting lists are long and your customers are left suffering, we can help. We can connect directly with your clients to help them find some freedom, gain additional skills and tools, and ensure they feel worthy and important whilst they wait for your service…
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Extra-Ordinary Services

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In addition, we offer fun and information packed events, explorations and journeys, the below are running all through the year. See our Facebook Events page for more details https://www.facebook.com/highereffect/events

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