Walking Group and Secret Community Garden, meet every Tuesday at 11am at a variety of locations. We always have FREE space’s available for anyone who identifies as a Woman, and who lives in North Tyneside. Use the form below to join in.

Look at our wonderful activities, please get in touch if you would like to explore a session or two, or more!

Starting in AUG, and at locations around North Tyneside.

Watch this SPACE as we share details of our new FREE project for Women, by Women, which explores our connection to nature, hormone cycles, mental health changes, and a range of beneficial techniques, activities and practices to help us transition through the cycles of life, with intimacy, authenticity and self leadership.

ALL of our activities are outward bound, as in, occurring outside, not very strenuous, but there will be Kayaking. We plan on Reiki groups, nature immersions, forest schooling, creative writing/spoken word, video creation, clay modelling, silk painting and so much more.

ALL FREE for anyone who identifies as WOMAN and lives in North Tyneside.

Kayaking and Connection weekend – 27th and 28th August – register below

Open to ALL who identify as Women, and with thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund.

Complete the form below to register your interest.

At Higher Effect CIC, we facilitate an alternative mental health provision, which helps sooth you on your journey of life. Via one to one, or group experiences, you can enjoy increases in self confidence, purpose, value, power and increased awareness of your self, identity and connection.

Higher Effect provides a model of personalised change, intervention and support, which is bespoke, safe, solutions focused and flexible, with an emphasis on ensuring equality, fairness, customer satisfaction and measured effectiveness.

People We Support



Our mental health needs care, development and strengthening. If we forget to tend to it, it will decay like teeth, and we will require more intervention in the future. Whether you want to improve your overall wellbeing, find freedom from pain, or reduce your emotional distress…
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If your waiting lists are long and your customers are left suffering, we can help. We can connect directly with your clients to help them find some freedom, gain additional skills and tools, and ensure they feel worthy and important whilst they wait for your service…
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Extra-Ordinary Services

In addition to the below options, we also offer specific services to Schools (see below programme results) and Professionals. This website is under construction in this regard. Please contact us for more information.

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