We are Community

What we offer is; interesting, effective, professional, efficient, confidential, high quality, comfortably relaxed, super safe, solutions focused and trauma informed. It is behaviourally beneficial, healthy, emotionally engineered and scientifically measured, creative, clever, soulful, sound with successful results.

Our services are a bit like therapy, without the discomfort of sharing personal details. You can choose from permanent well being boosts, pain reduction/removal, emotional and mental health healing, habit ending, contentment creating, relaxational living with much freedom from suffering.

We also facilitate community projects and empowering groups.

Higher Effect is a Community Interest Company. What separates us from ordinary Ltd companies, is that we operate for social purposes only. We are regulated to ensure we deliver our social purpose, and cannot deviate from this role. This level of regulation, gives the added assurance for customers, financiers and the general public alike. 

Higher Effect was established to bridge the gaps, between mental health solutions, permanent change and measured effectiveness.

We continue to educate and liberate our communities and other communities, from life diminishing beliefs, negative thought forms, patterns of being unable to change, and effective processes of personal change and positive evolution.

We have developed a range of tools and processes corresponding to each step on the healing journey of every person we support. These logarithmic methods, ensure consistency of practice and approach, covering areas such as data management, confidentiality, safety and safeguarding, risk management, support planning and feedback.

We continually assess and evaluate our practices and ensure what we learn leads to improvements in our services.

Meet our Team

Hi, my name is Suzanne.

I co-direct, and am a practitioner of our Change and Intervention Services, specialising and training in, Integral Eye Movement, and Metaphors of Movement techniques.

Before qualifying as an Emotional Intelligence and Awareness Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I operated as a Pharmaceutical Research and Development Scientist and Quality Management Coordinator.

Suzanne – Facilitator/Co Director

Steph – Psychotherapist

Hello, my name is Steph.

I am also a Co-Director and I work as an Integrated Psychotherapist and Supervisor, specialising in trauma and abuse.

I work specifically with personality development and disturbance, grief and bereavement, Internal Family Systems, Transactional Analysis and I use the ENGAGEMENT Model.

Andrew – GP

Hello, my name is Andrew,

I’m a co director and have extensive experience managing mental and physical health-related problems, with over 25 years in healthcare both as a hospital specialist and Primary Care Physician. I specialise in rehabilitation and recovery of physical and mental health related problems.

I also cognitive & behavioural brief therapy for mood problems, addictions, low self worth, intrusive thoughts, trauma or life-challenges and therapy to adults and young people, struggling to perform at their best. I provide help with rehabilitation, tobacco and cannabis dependency, sexual health and relationship problems