Our Personal Change and Intervention Services

What we can offer is; interesting, effective, professional, efficient, confidential, high quality, comfortably relaxed, super safe, solutions focused and trauma informed. It is behaviourally beneficial, healthy, emotionally engineered and scientifically measured, creative, clever, soulful, sound with successful results.

It’s a bit like therapy, without the discomfort of sharing personal details, you can choose from permanent well being boosts, pain removal, performance enhancement and emotional balancing, to mental health healing, habit ending, contentment creating, easier living with some freedom from suffering. All we do is explore some new ideas and concepts, notice some things about how our mind works and blink a few times!

For 6 years we have been sharing our mind blowing insights and transformational solutions with you. From groups and personalised 1:1 sessions, we have a track record of 100% customer satisfaction.

About ME

My name is Suzanne and I am your local practitioner. I offer bespoke and personalised change and interventions, that help you to improve the quality of your life, enable you to overcome stuck situations and move in the direction that is best for you.

The amazing part is that all of this can happen in three or less, 1:1 sessions and without disclosure. That means you can get noticeable results and freedom from things like guilt or anger, without telling me about your past!

We are experts by experience on mental health and trauma recovery and are also fully qualified therapists and change practitioners. We can offer you real solutions and insights to many mental, emotional, and behavioural problems, as well as offering new tools and skills to enhance the good feelings and thoughts we can all have.

Higher Effect offers a fully insured, trauma aware, effective service, with high ethics, quality, health, safety and safeguarding. All documents are available so please ask.