Our Services and Workshops

We offer a unique and effective selection of wellbeing and inspirational services.


Pain Reduction Package

£95 One Session Service

Chronic pain can be intolerable, painkillers can be life dimming and sometimes addictive. There is another way, and you can reduce your old pain with this powerful package of intervention.

Our approach is safe, comfortable and trauma informed.

This technique works with old injury pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue pain and myalgic encephalomyelitis pain. If you want to research this technique, please visit https://www.oldpain2go.com

Changing Stuck States

£65 per Session (usually two or three sessions are required)

If we keep repeating a certain behaviour, or feel stuck in life, if we can’t move on from a past event or current situation, then hope is here.

Over zoom, or in person, we explore a fresh, new way of viewing your situation/problem and then support any possible shift’s towards solutions/goals.

This is a powerful, effective, change and intervention service, that can positively change your life. It is not care, therapy or medical in nature, although the results are empowering. It is safer, simpler and more realistic.

Confidence Improvement

£125 for Two One2One sessions

After exploring a few ideas, you can leave more empowered, more confident and more self-assured. You can be bolder, more relaxed and more prepared for life challenges.

We share with you some tools and techniques to boost yourself on the inside because real confidence is an inside out process.

You can move closer to your goal, free yourself from obstacles or blocks in your life and manifest noticeable, powerful and positive changes to your behaviour if required.

Trauma Informed Mindfulness and Meditation  

£35 per one to one session

Mindfulness and Meditation have been used for centuries to help people through adversity, pain, discomfort, and struggle. We may be powerless to change what is happening around us, but we can change what is going on inside of us.

Our minds can be tamed, trained, and our focus and attention, can become ours to control. When we live with mindfulness, our lives, and families bloom like flowers, we can become aware of more joy, our experiences are richer and more vibrant, we sleep better, we feel better and things get better.

Hypnotherapy and Healing groups

£65 per One2One session – £45 per person for group Past Life Regression

Personal growth workshops and personal development experiences, create evolution at the level of our Soul. In these groups we explore how to progress ourselves, our awareness, our intuition, our thinking and frequency of synchronicity, emotional wellbeing and self-leadership abilities.

What helps are tools and tips, confidence boosting subjects and real healing opportunities. Peer to peer sharing and identification.

In this safe and relaxed group, we will find the positive and empowering aspects of post traumatic growth. We won’t share any narrative of our troubles, we will find and investigate the solutions and opportunities.


£195 – Three Session Solution Package

Anxiety is debilitating. It ruins lives We do not have to accept it, keep it or tolerate it. Depending upon your circumstances, anxiety can be removed.

There exists a set of instructions, that if taught and followed, can reduce anxiety and often end panic attacks.

Three face to face sessions, personal circumstances permitting.

Guilt and Anger Reduction Service  

£75 one off session

Guilt can be heavy, hard and makes us slow in our progression. Sometimes it eats us up. One thing is for sure, we do not have to keep suffering the same guilt, over and over again.

Anger can take us over, when we loose control, our power blasts out and harms others, or our selves. Combined with Anxiety, and we are stuck in a loop.

With one session, it is possible to reduce the guilt, soften the anger, release some anxiety, and in doing so, allow for coonnection to self, compassion and freedom.

If you want to research the technique, please visit https://integraleyemovementtherapy.com/

Training and Development

We are approved trainers of the content free change tool, Integral Eye Movement Therapy and the revolutionary Metaphors of Movement Model for personal leadership and change.

Our training approach is unique and cost effective, because we work in partnership with the inventor of these models Andrew T Austin, using his up to date material and online presentations, in addition to our live, supportive and continuous connections.

The Mystical Odyssey – A 78-Week Fusion Jounrey

Unlock Wisdom, Spiritual Insight, Self-discovery and Personal Empowerment, with this transformative light, study of the Psychic Arts, Tarot, Western Mystism, Alchemy, The Great Work, Angels, Kabbalah and so much more

Price is £15 per week. Confidential concessions and discounts are available for low earners. Booking over the counter with a £15 deposit secures your place.

You are offered the chance to experience 78 different meditations, practices and correspondences. A full Tarot Deck and the ability to intuitively read it, crystals, handouts, scrying/crystal gazing, spiritual development, psychometry, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudiosentience, banishing, cleansing, grounding, communion, projection and past life regression.

Places are filling up fast so it is important to reserve your space. 

Wild and Wonderful Woman’s Empowerment Programme 

FREE to Blyth residents. This amazing programme is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and Community Food and Friendship Blyth.

Previous participants rate the course 10/10, click here to hear what they have said. Open to all Blyth residents who identify as Women, next one starting soon..

For more information or to book, please complete the online contact form here

Harmony Hound Walks

Meeting twice a week, at various locations throughout the North East. Join us as we walk with dogs, even if you don’t have a dog.

Every Sunday at 11am and Friday at 6pm, welcoming all who would like to increase endorphins, establish some structure, manage weight, improve joint health and experience increased energy levels.

Please complete the online contact form here to join us, as we get enriched and connected.