Our Services and Workshops

Pain Reduction Package
1 hour 30 minutes • £72 one off session

Chronic pain can be intolerable, painkillers can be life dimming and sometimes addictive. There is another way and today you can reduce your pain with this powerful package.

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The process is simple, we meet up for around 90 minutes and chat to explore some alternative ways of pain management and reduction. I show you a new technique or two, you practice them and your pain reduces.
The cost is normally £72 per session, and with thanks from Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, it is currently free for women in recovery from domestic or substance abuse.
Call for an initial consultation, which occurs either by email or social media. You can meet me online and make an informed choice about your next move. Our approach is safe, comfortable and trauma informed.
This technique works with old injury pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue pain and myalgic encephalomyelitis pain. Soothing relaxation is possible.
If you want to research this technique, please visit https://www.oldpain2go.com


Changing Stuck States
1 hour 30 minutes • £60 one off session, £100 two sessions or £135 three sessions

If we keep repeating a certain behaviour, or feel stuck in life, if we can’t move on from a past event or current situation, then hope is here.
This service is a solution to most of the emotional and mental suffering we experience.

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Over three 1:1 sessions of 90 minutes each, we meet and chat to explore new ideas and concepts which result in possible movement towards your goals. I show you fresh, new ways of viewing your situation or problem and then support any possible shift’s towards solutions. Sometimes, only one session is needed for you to find some relief.
This is a powerful change and intervention service that can positively change your life. It is not care, therapy or medical in nature, although the results are empowering and effective. This is safer, simpler and more realistic.
There is a free initial consultation by telephone, email, social media or at our office and you can make an informed choice about your next moves.
Our rooms and people are safe, comfortable and trauma informed.

Confidence Boost Session
1 hour 30 minutes • £60 one off session, £100 two sessions or £135 three sessions

In one to three, ninety-minute sessions, you can leave more empowered, more confident and more self-assured. Be bolder, more relaxed and more prepared for life challenges.
All we do is chat, explore and teach you some really effective tools to boost yourself on the inside.

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Confidence is an inside out job, confidence is freedom and joy.
You can move closer to your goal, free yourself from obstacles or blocks in your life and manifest noticeable, powerful and positive changes to your behaviour if required.

Mindfulness and Meditation
1 hour • From £30 per session

Mindfulness and Meditation have been used for centuries to help people through adversity, pain, discomfort, and struggle. We may be powerless to change what is happening around us, but we can change what is going on inside of us.

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Our minds can be mastered, tamed, or trained, and our focus and attention, is ours to control. When we live with mindfulness, our lives, and families bloom like flowers, we can become aware of more joy, our experiences are richer and more vibrant. We sleep better, we feel better and things can get better. Moving from mindless mind-mess, into our senses are what connection and intimacy are all about.
In groups, or via one to one live or online sessions, you can learn to still your mind, increase the gaps between your thoughts, enhance contentment, relaxation, and calmness.
Please get in touch for more information or to book.

Evolutionary Growth Groups
1 hour 30 minutes • £60 one off session, £100 two sessions or £135 three sessions

Spiritual growth workshops and personal development experiences, create evolution at the level of our Soul. In these groups we explore how to progress ourselves, our awareness, our intuition, our thinking and frequency of synchronicity, emotional wellbeing and self-leadership abilities.
Turning pain into power is a survivor lead movement.


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As a trauma survivor, thriver and spiritual grower, I know this path isn’t easy. Enlightenment can be painful and behavioural change a challenge. However, when you are sat in a room of others on a path similar to yours, there is a power invoked and reality becomes mind bending-ly flexible.
What helps are tools and tips, confidence boosting subjects and real healing opportunities. Peer to peer sharing and identification, excursions into nature and Source/God/Consciousness/Divinity/Soul,
In this safe and relaxed group, we will find the positive and empowering aspects of post traumatic growth. We won’t share any narrative of our troubles, we will find and investigate the solutions and opportunities.


1 hour 30 minutes • £60 one off session, £100 two sessions or £135 three sessions

Anxiety is debilitating. It ruins lives.
There exists a set of instructions, that if taught and followed, can reduce and often end anxiety and panic attacks. Spread over three, one to one, ninety minute sessions.

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We meet up three times over a series of planned weeks, chat and explore regions of your mind, and learn new routes to change. The process is safe, effective and interesting.
The wonderful part, is that you do not have to talk about your historical suffering in any way and you leave with new skills and tools to prevent or minimise relapse.

Guilt Removal Session
1 hour 30 minutes • £60 one off session

Guilt can be heavy, hard and makes us slow in our progression. Sometimes it eats us up. One thing is for sure, we do not have to keep suffering the same guilt, over and over again.

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We meet up for a one to one session, chat, I teach you a simple set of instructions and your guilt is gone. In the blink of an eye!
It is safe, effective and proven to work.

Idea Generation
1 hour 30 minutes • £45 one off session

In this one, ninety-minute session, you can get a new, fresh perspective, solution or idea around anything at all. How totally general!
You just think of your problem, answer a couple of questions around your problem, (no need to tell me the actual problem), and then, almost in the blink of an eye, you have a solution.

Soul Vision
3 Hours • Prices on request

Yogi’s and spiritual leaders have shared with us metaphors, to describe a 4th dimension of space.
This mind opening workshop, shows you a whole new realm of possibility. It has been described as life changing by previous attendees.
There is another dimension of space, entirely and totally, and you have to see it for yourself rather than use your thinking to judge and dismiss.

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Here, in this 3-hour workshop, you are prepared and guided to experience your consciousness move into an alternative location in space.
Not suitable for anxious minds.
Please enquire about Anti-Anxiety first.

Wild and Wonderful Well-being
7 Week Course • FREE, funded by National Lottery

7 Week long change program which includes a 2 day residential in nature for women in the community who have suffered domestic abuse and for those in recovery from addiction/mental ill health. The program will align individuals with who they really are and propel them towards their goals and dreams, helping to resolve the remaining negative effects of their past.

Wild and wonderful wellbeing Online Programme
FREE, funded by National Lottery

Open to women in recovery from abuse of any kind, we meet regularly in online groups, and via one to one online sessions/telephone calls, to experience peer support, identification, validation, and problem solving. A simple and highly effective antidote to today’s super strangeness.
For those ladies who desire real change, we also offer free sessions on all of our services.
Please complete the online contact form here and refer yourself into this service.