How do you boost wellbeing with change work?

Wellbeing enhancing activities are many, from spiritual and soulful rituals and practices, to exercise, eating better, creative expression, compassion focus and/or finding a purpose in life. All of these enrichment activities work best, with change work. By permanently alleviating some of your suffering, and teaching you tools so you can continue, your wellbeing naturally improves.

What is Change Work?

Change work is any successful form or process, of personal evolution and movement towards life nourishing goals. If therapeutic interventions are successful, then that is change work. Change work involves neurological change which results in positive emotional and behavioural experiences.

Breaking habits, feeling more confidence, letting go of negative thoughts, increasing self care, feeling good more often than not, are all results of successful change work.

How is change work different from talking therapies or other ‘alphabet’ therapies’?

Change work is different in three ways, the first is that you do not have to disclose your ‘pain story’, your secrets or your experiences, that are potentially at the root of things. Change work is more often than not, content free.

The second way change work is different, is that the number of sessions required to invoke powerful shifts in your life, are significantly less than 6.

The third difference are the techniques we use. They are precise, accurate, brief and highly effective.

Who do you work with?

We work with anyone who wants to improve performance, explore the locus betwixt the worlds, find a reduction in their own suffering, anyone who makes other people suffer and they want to stop, anyone who wants to end a habit, an annoying behaviour that keeps cropping up, change their own stuck-ness in life, who wants to overcome obstacles or explore weird and wonderful ways to be and live.

Sometimes, we need to work alongside counselling agencies, or your GP and mental health professional, to ensure high quality health and safety. If this is the case, we will ask for a letter from them, confirming you are safe to embark upon our processes.

What if I do not want to work with a nominated practitioner, but still want to use the revolutionary services?

We have connections with fellow practitioners and change workers, both locally and nationally. Just let us know when you get in touch with us and we will ensure your wishes are granted. You have the right to choose who you work with and alongside.

What services are offered for free?

On occasions, we have funded programs which support Women. These include walking activities and Confidence and Empowerment Programmes

Online projects, exploring an array of topics via one-to-one or group sessions. Using zoom, Facebook rooms other online method, we have discussions and explorations around change work, old pain reduction, moving on in life, finding purpose or letting go of stuck-ness.

All our other services require a mutual exchange of money or goods, prices listed are guide prices for individuals who can pay.

Is change work, hard work?

All humans have their own inner, personal ecology. Like your fingerprint or DNA, you also have your own directions of growth. At Higher Effect you are harmonised with your three main intelligences, your mind, your heart and your gut instincts. In this way, change work is not hard work.

We are here to aid in your alignment and your unique individuality and identity. Change work is the empowerment of your own personal leadership, truth, purpose, and path, with confidence, integrity and humility. Change work can be effortless, painful, uncomfortable, or joyous.

Often, change work can happen in the blink of an eye.

What ages do you work with?

Generally, we work with adults over the age of 18.

We can make exceptions, and this would be explored on a need by need basis.

Do we have disabled access?

Yes, we do.

Do you do home visits?

We do not visit your home. We do offer online and telephone sessions that you can access from within your home. We also offer sessions in outdoor spaces, including walks, tree basking and tree hugging!

You talk a lot about metaphor, what is the big deal?

There is a realm beyond thought, it offers us a universal language, vantage point and a perfect position, with which to enable positive change. Your metaphors, like your fingerprints are unique to you and in a true metaphorical reality, you can witness and seek much wisdom, insight, and power. The 4th dimension of space can be witnessed outside of your judgement and thought.

How are you a grass roots organisation?

Our founders, some directors, staff and volunteers, all have direct experience of abuse and trauma, and have healed/or are healing, having used our revolutionary services. We are a peer led, peer powered, not for profit, grass roots enterprise, and are connected to Mother Earth, in ways only metaphor can describe. All is One.

What are the techniques you use?

We use a vast array of healing and change techniques including

Integral Eye Movement Therapy


Metaphors of Movement Technique


Neuro Linguistics, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Maps of Consciousness, Alchemy.

Are you a member of any governing bodies, how are you regulated?

We are registered with the Association of Integral Eye Movement Therapy and receive regular supervision from SomeOne Cares Ltd.