Higher Effect have an important role to fulfil, regarding trauma, pain and alternative mental health provision, which compliment and/or work alongside other services. Our results, are consistent, and we continue to develop new approaches and partnerships, building a strong multi-agency support network, for the benefit of better mental health for all

Our approach operates at three distinct and complementary levels:

  • With the individual on the ground
  • With the services already supporting them
  • With the wider system as a whole

Our work is supportive, practical and person centred, helping people take their own steps towards better and more fulfilling lives.

The success of our approach is based on our staff training in innovative best practice, our experience, knowledge, and a dedication to the wellbeing of our service users.

We are also a trusted service for counselling and psychotherapeutic practices, because we can reach out to the customers who may be feeling forgotten, desperate, in crisis, or who are finding the lengthy waiting lists for relief, uncomfortable, emotionally painful, arduous or worse.

Here is what other organisations have said they like about our service

  • Lots of positive feedback from clients they referred to us
  • The tailored support packages worked will with their services
  • Our Ethical Practices
  • Client Satisfaction was 99.5% positive
  • Our innovative support and approach for mental health
  • Our ability to meet a clients needs
  • Surprising results in such a short timeframe
  • Value for money

If you would like some further information, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.