Wild Woman Waking
The Rod of Light Lodge

“Thank you for being you. You’re like a gateway, an opening to let us see the true strength and reality that is life, with all it’s wonder and power. Exciting times” Jill, Whitley Bay.

It takes effort for us women to balance our vulnerability and power with love and awareness, whilst also keeping in alignment with our guts, and hearts and minds.

Many of us still struggle to be authentically confident, and self loving, self assured and assertive in balance. We have multiple demands placed upon us and often limited resources for self sufficiency, independence and real leadership. Without the vision to witness the flows of power or a shared reality to convey subtle emotion in our interactions, we can suffer. Some women want a process to lead our selves and awaken to our truths and a new way of moving beyond the myths and stories of our time. With our Wild Woman Waking groups we lead a new paradigm of family, community and personal evolution.

Join us and discover what happens when we come together to uncover forgotten archetypes, explore an astral landscape or relax so deeply we float about our bodies. Maybe we just chat and connect. Our format is flexible and our destination is diverse. Linking in with The Rod of Light Lodge in Newcastle Upon Tyne, you will not have experienced anything like this before…. ever!

This is a seriously special project designed to awaken enlightened females everywhere and is reshaping our realities from the inside out.