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Here’s some pictures of our adventure’s so far, always room for more


These are some of your words, thank you.

“Nothing gives me Goosebumps, the power in these sessions gives me Goosebumps” DB

“I’ve tried everything I can, to want to live, to want to be here, to have hope, to stay alive and this has changed my life and I have hope, and optimism and a reason to keeps going.” RS

“Without this service, I would be in such a terrible state. Nothing was accessible for my level of trauma, everything, the people, the things they do, just kept traumatising me, and this is the only trauma safe and accessible service I have found so far. You are trustworthy, the structure of the groups is different, safer, more open and gentle.” FH

Tiny Testimonials from Parents

  • “I have felt like a weight has been lifted.”
  • “I am on cloud 9”
  • “I am more assertive”
  • “I am more confident”
  • “I can stand up for myself”
  • “I feel great”
  • “I’ve stopped smoking and have stayed stopped”
  • “My children say I am nicer now”
  • “I don’t care what others think anymore”

School Tiny Testimonials

  • “Parents now look us in the eye and hold eye contact.”
  • “Parents are more talkative and chatty”
  • “What an amazing difference!”
  • “We can really notice positive changes in the children. They are cleaner and brighter.”

Testimonials from Peers

  • “Changed my life”
  • “This is so good, how do I get involved?”
  • “How is this not available all over?”
  • “I feel part of something bigger, for the first time in my life”
  • “I cannot believe the changes in such a short period of time”

The Cedarwood Trust, in North Shields was the first community we joined, since then we have been honoured to facilitate a vast array of wellbeing, change and intervention programmes with other communities (Gentoo, ReCoCo, Heaven and Earth, NT Life Recovery College, Primary Schools in multiple areas, Someone Cares, North East Adventures) whilst also growing our own learning community of survivors, thrivers, neuro diverse and highly aware/sensitive types, who are all committed to positive change and personal evolution. 

Much thanks to our previous private clients, who have continued to help fund our community projects, The National Lottery Community Fund, who have been a major funder in our Better Beans Project, our online Wild and Wonderful Community programme, our live Wild and Wonderful Wellbeing Programme, our Stepping Out programme, and our current ‘Women to Women’ project.

Our current, free programs can be found here.

Some results from our services