Working in the Community

Over the years we have helped many communities change and adapt to life and the additional challenges many of us face. We have been honoured to facilitate blissful, positive life improvements on a personal and social scale, at grass roots level.

Much thanks to our private clients who have continued to help fund our community projects, the National Lottery Community fund who have been a major funder in our Better Beans Project, and our online Wild and Wonderful Community programme. They have also have awarded us funds to provide a 7 week life changing programme for women in recovery from trauma and abuse of any kind which is starting in April 2021.

Our most memorable community projects have included working with three Primary Schools in Sunderland designed to boost parenting skills and confidence, reduce negative mental health symptoms, increase self esteem, resilience and self belief. The feedback from the headteachers, school staff, and parents was extremely positive; creating a positive change for all families who engaged.

            Testimonials from Parents

  • “I have felt like a weight has been lifted.”
  • “I am on cloud 9”
  • “I am more assertive”
  • “I am more confident”
  • “I can stand up for myself”
  • “I feel great”
  • “I’ve stopped smoking and have stayed stopped”
  • “My children say I am nicer now”
  • “I don’t care what others think anymore”

School Testimonials

  • “Parents now look us in the eye and hold eye contact.”
  • “Parents are more talkative and chatty”
  • “What an amazing difference!”
  • “We can really notice positive changes in the children. They are cleaner and brighter.”

The Cedarwood Trust, in the heart of Meadow well, one of the most deprived wards in North Tyneside, is where we delivered several wellbeing and change programmes which included a 6 week symptom reduction course, a meditation programme and a 10 week well-being programme. All of the amazing participants achieved their desired goals and a reduction in symptoms of anxiety, anger and depression. See results below –

ReCoCo provides peer lead, peer delivered mental health education and support services where people can learn from each others insights, skills and lived experience. Higher Effect has facilitated free groups of various kinds, exploring mental space and making changes to behaviours, ideas and outlooks on life. We developed a beautiful metaphorical language of our experience, without any of the narrative or pain story.

We are also currently working in partnership with Community Food and Friendship Blyth and Some One Cares.

Our current programs can be found here